• Clenched Soul

    Clenched Soul

    ...No one saw us this evening hand in handwhile the blue night dropped on the world.I have seen from my windowthe fiesta of sunset in the distant mountain tops...~pablo neruda

  • In Search of Ansel

    In Search of Ansel

    the cliff palace in mesa verde, colorado... and I really mean "in."this has been on my list for a very long time. every image that I had ever seen and every word that I read spoke mystery to me. about 1,400 years ago a group of people living in the Four Corners region chose Mesa Verde(the green table) for their home. for more than 700 years they and their descendants lived and flourished here... then, in the late A.D. 1200s, in the span of a generation or two, they left their homes and moved away. archeologists have called these people The Anasazi, from a Navajo word sometimes translated as “the ancient ones” or “ancient enemies.” They are now called Ancestral Puebloans, reflecting their modern descendants.this was built in their classic period. 1100-1300 A.D. It had 150 rooms and 23 kivas. it was thought to be a social, administrative site with high ceremonial usage. fires built in summer were mainly for cooking but in winter, when the alcove rooms were damp and uncomfortable, fires probably burned throughou

  • Better Day

    Better Day

  • Bound For Riches and Glory

    Bound For Riches and Glory

  • Ascent


    A crisp cool morning on the opening day of The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta - New Mexico

  • Born Lonesome

    Born Lonesome

  • 304


    Canyon Road - Santa Fe, New Mexico

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  • A subtle Chain

    A subtle Chain

    A subtle chain of countless ringsThe next unto the farthest brings.~emerson

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  • The Wrong Direction

    The Wrong Direction

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