• Through the Night

    Through the Night

  • Satellite In My Eyes

    Satellite In My Eyes

  • In My Arms

    In My Arms

  • Tell Me a  Story

    Tell Me a Story

  • It Is So Easy

    It Is So Easy

    ...to make this song about you.

  • Evening Glow

    Evening Glow

    north of Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Pale Green Ghost

    Pale Green Ghost

    ...along a lost highway.

  • However Far Away

    However Far Away

  • The Full Moon Is Calling

    The Full Moon Is Calling

  • Softly


    Softly she comes,Whispers the breeze with her passing.In secret love she is laughing.Softly she comes in the night...

  • Moonglow


  • 1witer_283__1_of_1_


Moon Songs